University of Malaga (UMA)

The participation of UMA in MoveCare is carried out by researchers from the Machine Perception and Intelligent Robotics group (MAPIR: The MAPIR group belongs to the System Engineering and Automation Department of the University of Malaga,
Spain ( and to the Instituto de Investigacion Biomedica de Malaga (IBIMA The group, composed of five professors, 2 Research PostDocs and 10 Ph.D. students, has a profound expertise in the tasks allocated within the proposal, including autonomous navigation, robot perception, task planning, and robot control architecture. The MAPIR group is the promoter and main contributor of one of the most comprehensive and known robotic software libraries: The MRPT (The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit: Over the years, the group has given rise to some innovative prototypes like the RAM-2 mobile robot, equipped with a robotic arm (patent P200102488), the robotic wheelchair SENA aimed to facilitate the mobility to handicapped people (patent P200602571), the mobile robot SANCHO, conceived for entertainment in fairs and museums, and more recently, Roadbot (Model of Utility 1069405), a manually-guided vehicle to created highly precise 3D maps of roads. In the last 10 years, the group has participated in a number of R&D projects funded by both public entities (3 European and 7 national) and private companies (10 projects).