Videos on the Community Based Activity Center of MOVECARE

Card games Popular card games: briscola and scopa (Italy) and brisca and scoba (Spain) have been developed to be played in two or four people. For a longer video click here.

Ruzzle A game where to guess words on a board of letters that can be played by up to four participants. For a longer video click here.

Draw and Guess and Puzzle A game where participants have to guess the drawing made by one of them and a puzzle game where participants have to complete a puzzle game as fast as possible. For a longer video click here.

Gentle exercise. A virtual gym where attending gentle exercising sessions in realtime communication with friends. A guiding video shows how to perform each exercise. Exercises are grouped in thematic channels.

Video of the MOVECARE Assistive Scenario

Call for help. is triggered by smart microphones that activate the robot. This looks for its master and check if he/she is ok. In case of need it calls the caregiver for help, enables robot tele-operation, and establishes a video-connection in the house.

Finding lost objects. The user can ask to the robot to search for an object that he/she has lost in the house, as the smartphone, the wallet, the keys, and the remote controller, through the use of a RFID tag placed onto the object. The request to search for the object is performed through the tablet provided by the project, and the robot autonomously moves around the house until the object is found. For a longer video click here.

Video of the MOVECARE Monitoring Scenarios

Weight scenario. The robot given the user a reminder to weight himself/herself once i a while. The weight is measured with a smart scale that transmits the measurement to the monitoring systems, which can later perform check about the health status of the elder.

Spot questions. Once in a while the robot asks the user a question whose right answer is easy to verify (for example, “what day is today?”). By checking the answers given by the users the system can perform monitoring on the user’s cognitive abilities.

Neuropsychological Tests The giraff robot assists and guides the elder in performing at-home digital neuropsychological tests inspired by the Trail Making Test and Bells Test, on a tablet. For a longer video click here.

Smart Pen. A Smart Pen is used to monitor the anomalous patterns and trends while writing, in order to detect early signs linked to frailty.

Smart Ball A Smart Ball is used to monitor the maximum strength of the user, which is an indicator often correlated with early signs of frailty. The measurements are obtained through a gamified framework, where an exergame, for which the Smart Ball is the control device, is used. For a longer video of the game click here. If the user does not play with the Smart Ball game in a while, the system detects this behaviour and suggests the user to play a game.