The end user advisory board of Movecare has been set in March 2017. It is constituted of key figures for each type of end-users (informal caregivers: relatives, elders, formal caregivers, nurses) with the objective of keeping the project on track and maximizing the compliance and effectiveness of the intervention. The final composition of the EUAB is the following:

  • Mr. Ian Sherriff: Chair of the Prime Ministers Rural Dementia Group, Chair of the Dementia Air
    transport Group, Chair Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance, Chair of the South West and
    South of England Prime Ministers Dementia Challenge group, Chair Dementia in Farming, on
    National Boards for The Alzheimer’s Society and Blind Veterans. Academic Partnership Lead
    For Dementia, Primary Care Group, Clinical Trails and Population Studies.
  • Mr. Adolfo Viansson: Representative of Anteas Milan, Italian National Association of senior citizens for
    Active solidarity, Milan, Italy. Website:
  • Mr. Kevin Aish: Assistant Director, Age UK, Plymouth, UK.
  • Mrs. Sarah Zanoni: Operational manager, South West Region Royal College of Nursing, UK. Website:
  • Dr. Cathrine Hasse: Full Professor of cultural anthropology at Ahrus University, DK, and project
    coordinator of H2020 Project Reeler.
  • Mrs. Carmen Gómez Claros: Coordinator for Elderly care group in SemFyCEx
  • Dr. Alessandro Blasimme:  Chair of Bioethics, Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich