Movecare can support elders during COVID-19 quarantine

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 is affecting different areas of Europe with a particularly serious situation developing in Lombardy, the Italian region where one of the two Movecare’s pilot experiments is taking place. In an attempt to tackle the staggering spread of the disease among the population, the Italian health authorities have imposed draconian measures and recommendations. These include shutting down non-essential public services, increasing the “social distance” among people, and even strict quarantine periods. Elders represent one of the categories of people at greater risk of developing critical illness conditions from COVID-19 and, so far, isolation seems to be the only effective way to protect them. Now more than ever the effort of Movecare acquires a central social value. The components and functionalities developed in the project can help older people to stay in touch with loved ones, alleviating the burden of long days in forced isolation. Without leaving their homes, they can spend time playing a card game, making gentle physical exercises, having a video call with a friend, or enjoying an exergame. During these difficult times, we feel proud to have developed a technology that has the potential to provide actual on-the-field support to the frailest.